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To Continue or Not to Continue

2008-11-29 14:51:30 by w-style

I'm working on a flash movie quite some time now.. but I don't know whether to continue or not.

I wanted to try something new with this movie. All my previous movies were cartoony, so I wanted to try something new. I came up with a pretty serious story, so I wanted to have serious graphics with it. I thought a good Idea would be to rotoscope most of it, and edit the backgrounds in Photoshop for a realistic feel. I didn't realise this rotoscoping thing would be so much work.. and I didn't realise that I have so less freedom to draw and make things up because I'm bound to this realistic style.

Also, I think the movie will get bashed a lot because it's rotoscoped. I saw a lot of other very good movies that got bashed because they were rotoscoped. Rotoscoping is not that easy! It's still a looot of work and you still need to think up everything for your movie. The story, camera angles, music, fibe.. etc.

I dunno if this is worth posting but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, but what do you guys think? Continue or make something different, without the rotoscoping:P

To Continue or Not to Continue


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2008-11-29 16:10:30

looks cool finish it


2008-11-29 16:12:43

Continue it looks so Good dude :D


2008-11-29 16:15:52

Rotoscoping is cool...
But it takes alot of work...
I personally enjoy the end effect...


2008-11-29 16:27:03

Continue, rotoscoping only makes the animation more realistic. Besides, probably more than half the people who would bash on it can't animate.


2008-11-29 16:53:52

Continue it, even if it sucks.


2008-11-29 18:29:27

If you have fun with what you are doing. There is no one to tell you not do that.
So it's up to you as being the animator, not up to us as the viewers.

w-style responds:

hmm yeah that's true man, thnx


2008-11-29 22:45:45



2008-11-30 04:22:01

Do whatever you have the most fun doing.


2008-11-30 09:49:36

gast dat ziet er echt wreed uit.
vooral dat die madness gastjes er nu wat beter uitzien
ik zou er gewoon echt mee doorgaan :P