To Continue or Not to Continue

2008-11-29 14:51:30 by w-style

I'm working on a flash movie quite some time now.. but I don't know whether to continue or not.

I wanted to try something new with this movie. All my previous movies were cartoony, so I wanted to try something new. I came up with a pretty serious story, so I wanted to have serious graphics with it. I thought a good Idea would be to rotoscope most of it, and edit the backgrounds in Photoshop for a realistic feel. I didn't realise this rotoscoping thing would be so much work.. and I didn't realise that I have so less freedom to draw and make things up because I'm bound to this realistic style.

Also, I think the movie will get bashed a lot because it's rotoscoped. I saw a lot of other very good movies that got bashed because they were rotoscoped. Rotoscoping is not that easy! It's still a looot of work and you still need to think up everything for your movie. The story, camera angles, music, fibe.. etc.

I dunno if this is worth posting but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, but what do you guys think? Continue or make something different, without the rotoscoping:P

To Continue or Not to Continue